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International Shipping


Countries We Ship To

We ship to over 75 countries around the world.
Click here to see where we ship selected merchandise.

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Items Available for International Shipping

Due to trademark and licensing issues with certain brands we are not able to offer our complete product lines for sale internationally. Items shipped by third party brands are not available for International shipping. Back ordered items will not be eligible for international delivery.

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Placing an Order

FULLBEAUTY Brands gladly accepts orders from around the globe and can ship eligible products to these countries so long as the billing address and "ship to" address are the same. Available product lines, shipping rates and fees may vary depending on the delivery address for your order. For your security and protection, please make sure you always use the same email address when submitting orders. If a different email address is used, the payment method will not be authorized.

As you shop the site, the product page will indicate if the item is not available for international shipping. If an item that is not eligible for international shipping is added to the shopping bag, the website will remove the item after clicking on check out. You will be notified at checkout if certain items must be removed due to weight, size (too large to ship in one package) or import/export laws and regulations. You must remove those items from your Shopping Bag before you can proceed to checkout.

Your order will be completed by our shipping partner, i-parcel, who will convert our prices into your preferred currency, collect your payment information and calculate customs fees and import duties based on the country where your order will be delivered (the "destination country"). For international orders, your credit card information is only collected by i-parcel and is not shared with or collected by FULLBEAUTY Brands. See the Privacy Policy of i-parcel. If required by the destination country, i-parcel or its agent may request additional personal identifying information that must be provided to complete the delivery. Such information will only be used for the purpose of processing your order. If you do not agree to these terms and do not provide the information, your order cannot be processed.

Once your order is complete, we will ship your order to i-parcel, who will ship the order to you. If we are not able to deliver your order, i-parcel will attempt to notify you using the email address you provided during checkout. You will receive a notification that your package has been deemed “undeliverable”. Please be sure your address and email information is correct during checkout. In the event that i-parcel cannot resolve any issues preventing delivery of your order (for example, an incomplete or wrong address), the order will be cancelled and we will refund the price of the items you ordered. Shipping, handling, import fees, and duties will not be refunded.

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Payment Methods

Method of payment will vary depending on country. Accepted method of payments will display on the Order Review and Payment Page. Other options such as deferred billing, gift cards and e-gift cards available in the United States are not available for international orders.

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Promotions that are offered in the United States are not always applicable to international orders. Please be sure to review each coupon to see if it is eligible for international orders before making a purchase. “Free Gift” and sale items may be subject to duties, taxes, and import fees. You will be responsible for these charges plus any shipping and handling charges incurred in getting the goods to the final destination. NOTE: Free Shipping and Free Return offers do not apply to international shipping.

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Promotional Offering Product & Shipping Restrictions

International orders are not eligible for:

  • Free shipping
  • Gift certificates, gift cards or e-gift cards
  • Deferred billing
  • Private label and co-branded credit cards
  • Bra Club and fullbeauty Shoppers Club

Certain brands and product lines may not be eligible for international shipping. Weight restrictions apply and orders may be restricted by size or quantity. Out of stock or backordered products are not eligible for international shipping. Commercial purchases for retail sales are not permitted.

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Shipping Times

Preferred shipping: will arrive within 8-12 business days (8-14 for Australia).
Immediate shipping: will arrive within 5-7 business days.
Rural and remote areas may take longer.
Customs clearance procedures may cause delays beyond original delivery estimates.

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Returns & Replacements

Customer Driven Returns: (Sales are final after 60 Days). Our goal is your complete satisfaction! If we have not delighted you, all unworn, unwashed or defective merchandise may be returned within 60 days from receipt. Returns received after 60 days will not be accepted. We recommend that you use your local postal service to facilitate the returns back to our facility. Postal carriers have more flexibility in working with you to clear your items through Customs. We also recommend that you select an insured and trackable option as we are not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Further, the customer is the exporter of record from the destination country and is responsible for all charges including freight, duties and brokerage costs incurred to return an item to the fullbeauty Fulfillment Center in the United States. Title and risk of loss are yours and only transfer to us once the product is received at our fulfillment center.

BEFORE sending your return, we recommend you document the following items in the event that U.S. Customs requests the information:

  • Your complete name and address
  • Description, in English, of each item. Be as detailed as possible.
    • For apparel items, you should note:

    • If it is a men's or women's item
    • Whether the item is knit or woven
    • Main fiber content (from the label)
    • The type of garment, e.g. pants, pullover, blouse, etc.

    For other items, describe the item and what it is made of - the more specific the better. For example, "14K Gold Earrings" is better than "metal jewelry."

    • Quantity of each type of item being shipped
    • Value of each item, in US dollars (available from the original shipment invoice).
    • Estimated Net weight of each item in pounds and kilograms
    • The country each item was made in from the garment label

    Product Driven Returns: (Quality, Damage, or Wrong Item) In the unlikely event we send you an item that is damaged, broken, or has other quality issues, please contact us using this link or by calling +1 915 225 4970 to describe the problem.

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Canadian Customer Flat Fee Returns Option

We are pleased to offer our Canadian customers a flat fee returns program available through our international shipping partner i-parcel. If you wish to use this process, you are agreeing to allow FULLBEAUTY Brands to deduct a one- time $20 fee per return against your return credit. This amount will be deducted at the time the credit is issued to your banking institution.

In order to take advantage of the flat fee returns process, simply follow the steps detailed below. We will handle all Customs formalities and delivery back to our fulfillment center in the United States. FULLBEAUTY Brands takes both title and risk of loss once your package is acknowledged as received by the Canadian Post.

  • 1. Go to i-parcels returns site: Click Here
  • 2. Enter your tracking number and e-mail from your original to pull up your order history
  • 3. Select the item(s) you wish to return.
  • Whether the item is knit or woven
  • 4. Once you have selected your item(s) simply print the returns label for Canada Post.
  • 5. The returns tracking number will be listed on your preprinted returns label. Please keep this number for your records to track the package back to our facility.
  • 6. Place the item(s) in a shipping bag with label attached and drop off at your nearest Canada Post shipping location.

Note: If you need to make changes to a label that has already been printed, simply discard the incorrect label and generate a new one in the system. Be sure to use the correct label with your return to ensure you receive the proper credit.

Your product will be returned to FULLBEAUTY Brands’s fulfillment center in the United States for final credit processing. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the credit to be applied to your bank.

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Canadian Duty and Tax Refund Process

There is no need to contact Canadian Customs for refunds of duties and taxes on your returned merchandise. Our shipping partner, i-parcel, will process your refund directly with Canadian Customs on your behalf once the merchandise has been exported. You should expect to see a separate credit applied to your credit card for the Canadian duties and taxes in approximately 60 days from the date your product is exported back to Jessica London.

Questions or concerns should be directed to us at this link or by calling 1-888-826-7008.

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Terms & Conditions

For a complete list of Terms & Conditions, click here

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Privacy Policy

We value and protect your privacy as described in our Privacy Policy.

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