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Site Difficulties

Unable to Checkout or Add to Basket

Please double check to make sure you've registered correctly. The password field's case sensitive. You must enter your password using the exact same case as when you registered. Ex: your password is "clover" (all lowercase) and you entered "CLOVER" (all capitals). Can't remember your password? (We've all done it!) Get your Password Hint to jog your memory.

If you've received an error message while selecting Express or Super Fast Delivery, the following may be causing the error:

  1. You have a backordered item; backordered items aren't shipped via Express or Super Fast Delivery.
  2. You're purchasing a Gift Certificate, which is mailed first class separate from your order.

If the total order has a "zero" dollar value, the items selected aren't available, and you won't be able to checkout. Please delete the "zero" items and continue to shop.

Was the credit card number and/or the expiration date correct? We accept any of The FullBeauty Brands™ Platinum Credit Cards, plus VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover/Novus® and the American Express® card.

If you're still having problems checking out or adding products to your basket, you can Contact Us or call us toll-free at (800) 507-9308.

*For International orders you can contact us or phone (Toll 1-915-225-4973).

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I Placed an Order Online but Didn't Receive an Email Confirmation

When you've completed checking out online, you should receive a confirmation email within 5-20 minutes, If, after 20 minutes, you haven't received an email from us confirming your order, you should check the status of your order online. The order you placed should appear as an order number with all zeros and will say "In process." This is exactly what you want to see. It means your order has been entered into our system. The order will be processed within 24-48 hours and your online status will change to "processed".

If you don't see anything in your order status, please Contact Us or call us toll-free at (800) 507-9308.

*For International orders you can contact us via email or phone (Toll 1-915-225-4973).

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Why Can't I Track My Order

Whenever possible we'll provide tracking links so that you may track your order's progress on-line. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide tracking links or information for any package that is shipped using USPS Priority Mail as this information is not provided to us. When this is the case, please rest assured knowing that your package will arrive within the quoted timeframe on your order confirmation.

Certain tracking links may expire after 90 days online.

*For International orders you can contact us via email, chat or phone (Toll 1-915-225-4973).

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